Luxury Flat Tops

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 Our Luxury Flat Tops will leave you feeling like a Queen (or King) out in public! TRUST US!

These vouge shades are created with UV400 lenses that can block those harmful UV rays and still have eye-catching characteristics!

Just a glance at these and you KNOW you CANNOT resist the beauty and gradience of the unique design!

Show your tasteful personality off to the world with these Photochromic sunglasses that come in NINETEEN types of variants we know you will love FOREVER!!

Eye damage from the suns UV rays can include an increased risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and skin cancer on the eyelids. It can also lead to corneal burns and pterygium, which are growths on the white of the eye. Unfortunately, not all eye damage from the sun is reversible but most is PREVENTABLE!***